Event activations have emerged as a cutting-edge approach to leave a lasting impact on event attendees and boost marketing efforts. P3 Events recognizes the significance of brand activations and their potential to yield far-reaching outcomes when strategically implemented.

Our experienced team is primed to curate your next activation, collaborating with a diverse range of providers to craft captivating, branded, and Instagram-worthy installations.

While activations thrive as conversation starters in high-traffic areas like shopping centres or sales offices, they are most effective when integrated within a larger campaign, enabling a seamless experiential journey for your customers. Gauge the success of your activation through engagement levels, social buzz, and networking opportunities.

P3 Events offers comprehensive services, including sourcing and contracting designers, branded giveaways, specialty acts, theming and décor, photography, and videography (including drones), publicity, talent coordination, working with children permits, insurance, costume and prop management, radio station partnerships, and supplier liaison. 

What people say about us

"I’m a big fan of your work… looking forward to more successful events with you in the future."
Tahnee, Lendlease
"Last night was fantastic!! Everyone was raving about it, Simone did a really wonderful job."
Brooke, Frasers Property Group
"Thanks too for the seamless execution of the event, for addressing all the finer details and for the beautiful theming work."
Michelle, Stockland